Monday, 19 March 2012

FOC (5 Star) Trip!

Hye dearie...

Nak share now my biz partner a.k.a leader Ain Ismail & her hubby sedang berholiday & honeymoondi Vietnam!
Ain Ismail & Khairul
Shopping with heaven ;)

Absolutely with fully F.O.C 5 Star Trip!woweeyyy...This is her 2nd FOC trip..(1st Hong Kong),(2nd Vietnam),(3rd -Holland & Belgium),(4th Guangzhou,China)! Hebatss kan?So lets all together we fight for FOC Trip to Guangzhou, China!!!!Aummmmmmm!!! & its TOTALLY Free!

                            La Perle Plaza

We work together!!We Fight & make sure kita sama2 dalam Flight!heee....:)
Do call me for appointment..Shana 019-2842497

Nadine Shana ~ 

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